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Wayne ‘Webby’ Webster is a surfboard shaper living in Lennox Head on the NSW North Coast of Australia. He has been shaping and riding his own equipment for the last 30 years all around the world. Through personal experience and feedback from team riders, Webby has developed his board designs to excel in 1ft junk to 70ft heaving slabs.

Webby’s knowledge of board design and construction has come from hands-on experience in fin-making, glassing, sanding and shaping. He has worked in Hawaii, Portugal, France, Scotland and at home in Australia where he shaped for Local Motion for 10 years. Webby’s shaping influences include Dick Brewer and Wade Tokoro for big wave design and Rod Dahlberg, Tony Cerff and Gunther Rohn for their clean and balanced shortboard shapes.


Shapes in action

Webster surfboards has become world renowned for innovative and trustworthy big wave gun designs. Webby was key to the development of high volume guns as big wave paddle-ins replaced tow surfing in giant surf. He designed and built boards for Grant “Twiggy” Baker for five years which Twiggy rode to victory at Punta Galea, Mavericks and his first Big Wave World Title in 2014.

In collaboration with underground big wave surfer Geoff “Camel” Goulden Webby designed the Desert Storm, a high volume big wave board which has become a phenomenon. Many recreational surfers have found themselves stroking into the waves of their lives on one of Webby’s Desert Storms.

Webby has also designed boards for big wave surfer and adventure junkie Mark Visser. From getting slotted at Cloudbreak or having a dig at Peahi, Mark is totally focused on chasing quality waves all over the globe. Nate Behl, underground charger from Florida, has shown the World how good he is getting barrelled off his nut in the Indonesian archipelago and at breaks like Teahupoo and Pipeline were he’s made a final in the Volcom WQS event riding Webster surfboards.

At the shortboard end of the spectrum Webby has developed high performance boards for local junior Zac Wightman, a 3-times Australian Titles competitor and World junior titles competitor. Nyxie Ryan has exploded as a real force in the junior ranks riding Webster surfboards. Taking out event after event and blowing minds with her free surfing around Lennox Head.

Showing his versatility as a custom surfboard shaper Webby has developed a modern longboard design which allows for the combination of old school nose-riding and turning. On this design local surfer Ben Dickens has won 4 Australian Longboard Titles.

Webby In shaping bay

At the office

Webster Surfboards pride themselves on being a quality product.

Our boards are all about the performance and satisfaction of our customers, from total Hellman to an absolute beginner,  the same amount of time and interest is offered in getting them the perfect board for their needs. All boards are made using world class quality materials and excellent workmanship. Webster surfboards offers future technologies and constantly progressing designs for the future direction of our sport.

Webby is a regular visitor to the Hawaiian islands and together with his experience in larger waves and his travels through Indonesia, Europe and at home in the long point breaks of the NSW North Coast, he has developed an understanding of surfboard design for riding specific waves, small and large. This is why more surfers are turning towards Webby’s shapes all the time.

His passion is surfing and shaping.


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