Twig is one of the most highly respected big wave surfers on our planet right now and it’s awesome to be shaping and designing his equipment. I love shaping boards for big waves and Twig is one guy who goes to that next level when it gets above the 25ft mark. To have the chance to really fine tune these high volume big wave boards with a surfer who has dedicated his life to surfing big waves is an honour and one that I’m absolutely loving.

With the Big Wave World Tour getting under way, it’ll be great to work with him on his boards for all corners of the Globe.

Twig’s accomplishments so far:

  • Past Winner of the XXL Ride of the Year
  • Past Winner of the Dungeons Contest at Capetown, S.A
  • Past Winner of the Punta Galea BWWT Event, Spain
  • 2x Winner of the Mavericks Contest at Half Moon Bay, U.S.A
  • 2014/15 BWWT Champion