Webby’s Summer Quiver

Shapers need to have fun too!! So here’s my new toys for Summer. A 5’3 Mod Rocker, 5’9 Stunt Dingo, 5’9 Prototype model and a 5’11 Lenny the Ox. I love getting new stix and more so developing and improving the boards through time. I find it so important to be constantly developing the boards and be able to relate the feel and conditions that a particular model works in. Thanx to Glassing Division for the great sprays and glassing.


Surf into Summer / Zac Wightman

It’s that time of year again when we’re searching for anything that resembles a decent wave. Here, Zac has no problem finding a neat little pocket to pinch.


Mick Chamberlain

Mick Chamberlain

In between his busy work demand of being a Mentawaii’s surf guide, Mick Chamberlain show his guests how to be in the right place at the right time.