Webby’s Summer Quiver

Shapers need to have fun too!! So here’s my new toys for Summer. A 5’3 Mod Rocker, 5’9 Stunt Dingo, 5’9 Prototype model and a 5’11 Lenny the Ox. I love getting new stix and more so developing and improving the boards through time. I find it so important to be constantly developing the boards and be able to relate the feel and conditions that a particular model works in. Thanx to Glassing Division for the great sprays and glassing.



Summer 5 Fins

This Summer a lot of people want to see what Quads are all about. The big plus with a Quad is the extra speed, but more so the areas of a wave where a Thruster will slow down, a Quad set-up will maintain it’s speed. I feel a Thruster is a much better all round design, particularly in tight pocket style beachies, with Quads coming into there own in barrels and down-the-line waves.  But there is still a lot of work to be done with Quads and if surfing is to progress, it has to be done with more speed.  I see Quads playing a major part in this development.

What I’m now doing with my Quads is moving the rear fins further in and slightly back, which is maintaining the speed of a Quad but giving the board more of a Thruster feel through rail to rail transitions.

Fin size plays a key role in the all round set-up of a Quad.  Having a similar template shape front and back, with the rear fin size being ¼” to ½” smaller, is effective.  Increase the rear fin size, your board will be stiffer, decrease and the board will be looser.

Happy Surfing. Webby


Surf into Summer / Zac Wightman

It’s that time of year again when we’re searching for anything that resembles a decent wave. Here, Zac has no problem finding a neat little pocket to pinch.