Webster Napalm Video

Webster Napalm Video

This Napalm model footage is from the Indo 2015 season, featuring Kanduis Resort surf guide, Nate Behl, doing his thing.  This particular swell was named “The Swell of the Century“ and is possibly some of the most amazing waves ever to hit the Mentawai shores in recent times.  Nate is riding a 6’4 x 18 1/2 x 2 5/16 @ 29.5L.  It’s not hard to see why the Napalm model has become a favorite for Nate as his go-to Step-Up board.  This is simply as good as it gets.  Footage and Edit by Justis St.John at FTRFILMS.com



Napalm Model in Stock!

If your on the hunt for a new step-up board this Winter, we have a new range of the NAPALM model on the rack.

This design has proven to be a favorite all around OZ and is a must in the quiver for the Indo explorer.  It has amazing paddle power and loves to arc when put to top speeds.

Come in and check em out.


Napalm release

The Napalm is a Semi-Gun designed for medium to large waves. The aim of this model is to shorten the overall length of a Step-Up board whilst maintaining paddle power, volume and control at high speeds.

The Napalm has been re-worked from the popular Lenny the Ox model and has added thickness through the nose and rail profile. This Step-Up board wants to be surfed hard and fast and is perfect for Point Breaks, Slabs or Reef Breaks.