Red Bull Ultimate Waterman Event N.Z

Mark Visser recently took part in the Red Bull Ultimate Waterman event in New Zealand and finished up in 6th place.  Mark had some great results, finishing in 2nd just behind Manoa Drollet from Tahiti in the shortboard section and getting 3rd place in the Longboard section, but came up short in the SUP sections of the event.

Tropical Cyclone Pam showed up with perfect timing for the event and they scored pumping waves on the East side of the Islands.  Mark also scored a perfect 10 in the event but couldn’t back up that score in the inconsistent swell. Congrats to New Zealand’s Daniel Kereopa for winning the Event.



Mark Visser Biggest paddle in awards

After all Mark Vissers years of effort, congrats on winning the biggest paddle-in award at the Oakley / Surfing Life Big Wave Awards.


Mark Visser XXL Nomination

Mark Visser XXL Nomination

Congratulations to Mark Visser on the 2014/15 XXL nomination. The sequence of this wave is amazing if you get to see it.  This monster was chased down Mark & Jamie Mitchell.  They both escaped into the channel.  Some day of swell at Cow Bombie that one!


Mark Visser / Cloudbreak

Mark Visser’s latest gig was shooting the new Samsung advert at Cloudbreak just before the Fiji Pro. As far as day jobs go, this guy’s got it goin on. Here, Mark is getting barrelled off his nut riding his 5’10 x 18 1/4 x 2 5/16 Visser Signature Model. Photo: Stu Gibson.