Mark Visser Biggest paddle in awards

After all Mark Vissers years of effort, congrats on winning the biggest paddle-in award at the Oakley / Surfing Life Big Wave Awards.


Jaws - 11th of November_pic

TWIG – JAWS 11th of NOV

The 11th of November was opening day at Jaws this season and it hasn’t disappointed. I’ve seen Twig catch some big waves before, but this was a monster!  Just off the plane from surfing in Europe, Twig grabbed his fresh batch of Webster Guns and this was his first surf on the new 10’0 x 21 3/4 x 4, stoked it worked. View the video footage here. Check out the TWIG board model here.


Camel XXL Nomination

Camel XXL Nomination

Congratulations to Camel on the 2014/15 XXL nomination.  He caught this bomb on his latest West Coast expedition.  Stay tuned for the new BLACK HULA model gun Camel and I have been working on together this year, it’ll catch you the wave of your life if you want it!


Mark Visser XXL Nomination

Mark Visser XXL Nomination

Congratulations to Mark Visser on the 2014/15 XXL nomination. The sequence of this wave is amazing if you get to see it.  This monster was chased down Mark & Jamie Mitchell.  They both escaped into the channel.  Some day of swell at Cow Bombie that one!


TWIG / billabong XXL Awards

Grant “Twiggy” Baker was crowned the BWWT champion at the 2014 Billabong XXL awards. Twig placed 1st at the Punta Galea event in Spain, 1st at the Mavericks event in San Francisco and 3rd at the Nelscott Reef event in Oregon. For his standout efforts, he also received Surflines Best Overall Performance award.


Finn Armstrong / Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido has been doing its thing and Oahu’s Finn Armstrong scored with this cavern, riding his 8’2 T-Rex model. Photo: Edwin Morales.


Twig / BWWT World Champ

Webster Surfboards would like to congratulate Grant ‘TWIGGY’ Baker on becoming the 2014 BWWT World Champion. It’s been a pleasure to manufacture & design Twig’s equipment for the last 2 years and see him have some amazing results on the boards.

Well done Twig on your win.


Oakley Big Wave Awards 2014

Congratulations to Camel for taking out the Oakley Big Wave Awards for the Biggest Paddle in wave AUS/NZ. Camel was riding a 10’10 Twig model. Photo by Andrew Brooks.



Hawaii was awesome, now back to the shaping bay for me. I had a great trip and scored tonnes of swell, but in mostly stormy conditions. The pic above is at Waimea Bay on the 26.01.14 and was definitely one to remember. So it was great to get a bigger wave fix again, and now bring on Autumn at home. Photo – thanx Christian.


Twig wins Mavericks… again!

Grant “Twiggy” Baker is the 2014 Champion of the Body Glove Mavericks Invitational presented by GoPro. Twig also won the event back in Feb 2006 and is on a roll after winning the Punta Galea event back in December.

The results were 1. Grant Baker 29.33 // 2. Shane Dorian 25.53 // 3. Ryan Augenstein 16.66 // 4. Tyler Fox 12.66 // 5. Greg Long 12.00 // 6. Anthony Tashnick 0.00.