The new Sea Monkey

With the majority of all round boards being in the shorter wider category, i wanted to work on a good’ol classic performance shortboard design again, which is perfectly suited to our Winter conditions and the Indo season alike. So what i created is the newly worked SEA MONKEY model.

The SEA MONKEY has been a real hit in Japan, but i felt it needed a little more rocker curve and release in the tail to really make it a favorite for the Aussie conditions and after a few months of designing and testing with my team and customers, it’s deffinately got the spark to slip one into your quiver.

The major difference between the SEA MONKEY and the Turbo/Stunt Dingo style board is the extra control at higher speeds that we get from our waves in the Winter months. The shorter wider style of board keeps you above the wave more in the Summer conditions, but for Winter, you want hold and drive while surfing faster.

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