Mark Visser

Mark Visser is an Australian big wave surfer and ocean adventurer.  He is the 2014/15 Big Wave Paddle-in Champion and 3x runner up for the ASL Big Wave Awards.  His dedication to the sport is unprecedented with intense training regimes and freakish skills.  He is known as one of the fittest waterman in the world.

Mark spends his time tracking down some of the biggest waves on the planet, utilising innovative technology and pioneering unique ways to ride them.  Mark’s adventures are about exploration and staying alive in situations that some consider totally impossible.

I’ve been making and developing Mark’s boards for around 10 years now.  It started as step up boards for Indo, Tahiti and Hawaii and slowly grew into Towboards, Shortboards and Guns for all around the Globe.  I also worked on a number of projects with Mark on the “9 Lives” series and helped create the Towboards that he used to ride Jaws at Night.  This was named the Night Rider Project.  The boards we made were specially weighted with routed out, housed lighting and solar recharge panels which illuminated the wave at night.

The ‘9 Lives’ adventure starts in January, 2011 when Mark made history by achieving a night ride on 30-40ft waves at the infamous Jaws break in Maui.  Marks second project, ‘Operation Deep Blue’, follows Visser and his team as they parachute out of a specialized aircraft with jet skis and surfboards into storm swells miles out to sea in search of ‘monster’ waves.

Mark spent three years competing on the WQS before focusing on big wave surf events.  Mark has had several waves entered into the XXL Awards for biggest wave ridden and has finished in the Top Ten at both the APT Tow-In event (Chile) and the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Paddle-In event (USA).