Summer 5 Fins

This Summer a lot of people want to see what Quads are all about. The big plus with a Quad is the extra speed, but more so the areas of a wave where a Thruster will slow down, a Quad set-up will maintain it’s speed. I feel a Thruster is a much better all round design, particularly in tight pocket style beachies, with Quads coming into there own in barrels and down-the-line waves.  But there is still a lot of work to be done with Quads and if surfing is to progress, it has to be done with more speed.  I see Quads playing a major part in this development.

What I’m now doing with my Quads is moving the rear fins further in and slightly back, which is maintaining the speed of a Quad but giving the board more of a Thruster feel through rail to rail transitions.

Fin size plays a key role in the all round set-up of a Quad.  Having a similar template shape front and back, with the rear fin size being ¼” to ½” smaller, is effective.  Increase the rear fin size, your board will be stiffer, decrease and the board will be looser.

Happy Surfing. Webby



The new FCS II

The new FCS II system represents the very latest in detachable fin system technology and performance. Now available in all Webster board models.


High Volume Guns

High Volume Guns

The boards I’m currently working on with Twig are definitely alot more high volume than your average gun. Just like the shortened length and wider noses in shortboard design, Twig has been working on the same principle with his gun designs for the last few years.

The boards are thicker and wider throughout, allowing him to ride shorter boards than previous years for the wave size he is paddling into. Twig jokes about being slagged for riding funboards in larger waves, but with what’s currently going down at Jaws, it seems his theory’s are now being pounced upon by all big wave chasers.

Where Jaws once seemed to be a tow-in wave, it is quickly becoming the perfect wave to get barrelled of your nut on your 10’6. The same principles apply to all large swells world wide, enjoy your Winter.