New Epoxy Range

Webster Surfboards now have models available in the EPS / Epoxy construction. We have been developing these technologies with the help of our team riders with amazing feedback. All of the team are now riding the EPS boards in their small wave and fish models, with the positive characteristics of added flex, responsiveness and reduced weight the main bonus.

Presently we are offering the EPS / ply stringer, EPS / stringer less ply with a replaced high desity EPS core foam stringer. We will also be researching and developing the use of the EPS / Epoxy construction in the step-up and gun models.

More to come throughout the year.



New Desert Storm Model

Introducing the new Desert Storm Gun model. Ive been working on this latest gun design with Camel for over 18 months.  I’m really excited about the direction we are going in and in the future of high volume big wave gun designs. Checkout the specs here.