WSL Subway Series

Congratulations to Zac Wightman on another amazing competition result. He finished in 2nd place at the WSL sanctioned Margaret River leg of the Subway Junior Series and gained 750 valuable points towards qualifying to the World Junior Titles in January.  Zac’s other results in the series come in as a 7th place at Avoca Beach and a 17th on the Gold Coast which currently ranks him 5th overall.  Love ya work Zac!  Pic courtesy of Surfing Australia



Alex Martins Mavericks

Alex Martins testing out his 9’6 x 21 x 3 1/2 Black Hula model on a warm up day at Mavericks. Alex has an invite into the Titans of Mavericks Event and with the El Nino starting to warm up there should be some more exciting swells to come. Pic by Powerlines Productions



Pete Tomlinson And his Desert Storm

Pete Tomlinson riding his 7’6 x 20 x 3 1/4 Desert Storm model.  Here Pete shows great barrel riding skills and his feedback on this design has given it the big thumbs up. Word is people are surprised at how performance based the Desert Storm is for it’s volume. With amazing speed, drive and maneuverability. Thanx also to Camel for working closely with me on the model and for his amazing feedback. It has also been well suited to either a Thruster or Quad set-up. Pic by Salt Eyre



Win for Zac Wightman at Regional Titles

Congrats to Zac Wightman for coming away with a win at the Regional and Schoolboys Titles. Also well done to Jack Obrien for winning his division and also Luke Condon and Nyxie Ryan for making it through to State also. Good luck to all who qualified for the State Titles in Sydney.
Pic by Surfing NSW



Napalm Model in Stock!

If your on the hunt for a new step-up board this Winter, we have a new range of the NAPALM model on the rack.

This design has proven to be a favorite all around OZ and is a must in the quiver for the Indo explorer.  It has amazing paddle power and loves to arc when put to top speeds.

Come in and check em out.



Red Bull Ultimate Waterman Event N.Z

Mark Visser recently took part in the Red Bull Ultimate Waterman event in New Zealand and finished up in 6th place.  Mark had some great results, finishing in 2nd just behind Manoa Drollet from Tahiti in the shortboard section and getting 3rd place in the Longboard section, but came up short in the SUP sections of the event.

Tropical Cyclone Pam showed up with perfect timing for the event and they scored pumping waves on the East side of the Islands.  Mark also scored a perfect 10 in the event but couldn’t back up that score in the inconsistent swell. Congrats to New Zealand’s Daniel Kereopa for winning the Event.


Jack-Obrien-Oz Grom-Cup

Jack O’brien Oz Grom Cup


Pictured Webster Team rider Jack O’brien was ripping on his way to the final of the Oz grom cup at Coffs Harbour last month. Jacko rides a 4’9 – 16 3/4 – 2 Water Bomb model. Well done to Nyxie Ryan for her 5th place finish in the event.



Steph Single 9th at QS Port Taranaki Pro

Steph Single got off to a great start for her 2015 WSL campaign and took a 9th place finish at the QS Port Taranaki Pro event in New Zealand.  Steph was riding a 5’5 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/8 Spitfire model with a round tail.  Good luck for the year Steph!  Pic by Moceanmediahouse